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Scheduling Process for Academic Year 2024-25  - Innovation Academy begins next year's scheduling process in January. Counselors host information sessions to educate parents and students on planning their course loads. And Teachers make recommendations for classes. Make sure you visit our Scheduling Process Page for the process and timeline, course catalog, and all information related to scheduling.​


Senior Advisement  - Provides you with activities you need to complete for senior year.

Grade Level Meetings   - Counselors present informational meetings to students of parents at each grade level. For more information on these meetings, visit our Grade Level Meetings web page.

Career Pathways - Innovation Academy offers three STEM career pathways with concentrations in each subject matter.

Career Pathways Photo.png

For information for freshmen and their families on choosing a career pathway, take a look at our Grade Level Meetings web page.


Dual Enrollment (DE) - Dual Enrollment allows Georgia students to attend an approved Dual Enrollment college or university and earn both high school and college credit for classes they take at the DE institution. 

Advanced Placement Courses - Advanced Placement classes, usually called AP classes can give you college credit depending on the score you earn on an AP exam and the college you are attending.

TAG - Talented and Gifted Advisement  - Find out more about what TAG offers.


Personal Fitness Waiver  - Students can waive the Personal Fitness class if they are participating in a GHSA sport or non-GHSA sport that engages in personal fitness. Students must complete a Personal Fitness Waiver Form.

Virtual (Online) Classes  - 9th and 10th grade students take virtual (online) classes

 Off Campus Contract and Virtual Period Change Request Forms  

Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal Instructions  - Parents and students can track their grades in Infinite Campus. Instructions for using the Campus portal are available in several languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, English

Instructions for Signing Up as a Parent Observer in Canvas

Fulton Virtual School uses Canvas as their platform to deliver online classes. Additionally, Fulton County is in phase one of switching the in-person platform used for classroom communications and file storage from Teams to Canvas. Some of your students' teachers will be using Canvas this year. If you want access to your student's classes on Canvas, please follow the instructions on our Parent Instructions for Canvas document. 

Instrucciones para crear su cuenta de observador en CANVA  

IA Magnet Program Seal - Students can earn an IA Magnet Program Seal while attending IA

Criteria for Earning a Seal (2023-24)

  • Take End Of Pathway Assessment (EOPA)  

Must complete 3 years of a pathway to be eligible for the EOPA  

  • Complete a Pinnacle Project  

During your enrollment at Innovation Academy every student will successfully complete a pinnacle project. The project is designed to deeply explore an academic topic, problem, or issue of individual interest.  Through this course, you will design, plan, and conduct a year-long research-based investigation to address a research question.  

  • Pathway Enrichment Credits: 

Actively participates on their designated Flex Friday

Bilingual Literacy Seal - For more information, go to  


Research and Pinnacle Project - Research at IA is a required class for our students.  ​

Tutoring Options  - IA has compiled a list of tutoring organizations who have contacted us about their tutoring services. If you contact a tutor from this list, please be sure to vet the tutor. Innovation offers a peer tutored math center. Fulton County is offering free tutoring to high school students in danger of failing credit-bearing courses. Read about it in the Beacon.

Class Rank - Click here for Innovation Academy's Class Rank Policy.   

Grade Recovery Board Policy - Click here for select information on FCS Board Policies related to academics.

Summer Work - Check here to see if you have summer assignments.

Summer Classes  - Information about taking classes to get ahead or for credit recovery over the summer has not yet been posted for the summer of 2024.

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