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Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement classes, usually referred to as AP classes, are courses with a standardized curriculum created by the College Board. In May, students can take an AP exam. Most colleges and universities will offer college credit for AP courses if the student scores high enough according to the individual institution's rules.

Information about Advance Placement - Click here for the AP Night General Presentation.   

AP Course Catalog - Click here for the AP Course Catalog.  

Teacher and Student Workloads - To help plan for the amount of work each course takes outside of class time, the teachers and students have estimated the time it will take. Click here for student-teacher workloads.  

Teacher Presentations about individual AP classes:


Calculus AB and BC   

Computer Science A  

Environmental Science (APES)  

Human Geography   

Lit & Composition   

Micro and Macro Economics    

Music Theory   

Physics (All 3 Courses)  



World History   

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