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Apply to Innovation Academy: Step Two Instructions

All students applying to FCS IA must submit either a 1:00 minute video or one-page essay answering  the following prompt.

At FCS IA, we celebrate taking chances and applying our knowledge. With this in mind, reflect on a project or assignment you have done, either on your own or in school, of which you are proud.  


The following are traits of an IA Student:

  • Inquisitive

  • Collaborative

  • Creative

  • Analytical

  • Well-rounded

  • Empathetic

  • Flexible

  • Driven

Think about the project above. Pick three of the traits of an IA student and talk about how you exemplified or showed growth in that characteristic.


If you are filming a video, hold up or prop up a sign with your full legal name written on the sign at the beginning of your video.

Submit your written/video essay to our Jotform.


Essays should be in PDF or DOC or DOCX format. Be sure to name your file with your full legal name. Videos should be playable on a windows-based PC. The video can be submitted as a link or in file format.

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