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IA Class Rank Policy

After careful consideration the Innovation Academy Counseling Department and Administration made this decision with the students’ best interests in mind.  


  1. With a student-body as high-performing as Innovation Academy, class rank does not accurately reflect the outstanding work that an “A” student has completed during his/her time at Innovation Academy.  Students with an “A” average could be ranked outside the top 50% of their class.  This can unfairly impact many students in a negative manner when it comes to college admissions, scholarship consideration, etc...   

  1. Currently, students face a great deal of academic anxiety and pressure to achieve, from both internal and external sources.  We believe that not releasing class rank will help promote a healthier environment for our students, therefore encouraging them to be their best student. All other North Fulton high schools no longer rank and have not ranked in several years.    


We do recognize that there are situations where class rank is absolutely required for a student to be considered for admission to a particular school or program, or for a particular scholarship.  In such cases, we will provide that ranking directly to the institution that is requesting that information.  


In recognition of our two top-ranked students, please know that we will continue to determine which students will represent Innovation Academy as our Valedictorian and Salutatorian, per FCS Board Policy.   

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