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College and Career

Dual Enrollment - Click HERE for information on Dual Enrollment.
How to Apply to College - Click HERE for information.

College Recommendation Letter Process-

Step 1: Obtain Teacher Approval Before Summer Break

Step 2: Complete Brag Sheet(s)

Step 3: Upload your Brag Sheet and Submit Request

Recommendation Requests Due June 15th!!

Class Rank Policy - Click HERE for IA's policy on class rank.
College Visits at IA - How to Sign-Up for College Admission Counselors and Innovation Academy Students.
College Events - More info on events around town, virtually, and in the greater community.
Georgia Match Program - The Georgia (College) Match program is a new statewide initiative designed to show your senior all of the public college and universities in  Georgia for which they have met the initial academic requirements for admission. 
College Admissions Tests - Learn more about College Admissions testing.
College Search Information - Understanding the college search. Common App versus Coalition App.
Financial Aid for College - Georgia Student Finance Commission Fall 2023 Slide Presentation; Georgia Student Finance Commission recorded video presentation for Fall 2023; Federal Financial Aid website; FAFSA application.
FAFSA(®) - The FAFSA is the
Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you are looking for financial aid, you must complete this form that is accepted at almost all colleges and universities. It usually opens in October but will not open until December in 2023. FAFSA quick links to frequently asked questions click here.
Innovation Academy School Profile - Review an overview and profile of Innovation Academy.

Special Education in College - Compare I.D.E.A. in high school to A.D.A. rights in college.
CEEB Number for Applications and Testing - 110387
Naviance - Click HERE for information on Naviance.
NCAA Eligibility - If you want to play NCAA sports in college, you will need to create an account through NCAA. - - Our Innovation Academy NCAA number is 853204.
Scholarships - Click here for the most up-to-date scholarship information.

College and Career: Text
College and Career: Text
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