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Enrollment Instructions for Currently Enrolled Fulton County Schools Students

You have 3 steps to enroll:

  1. Complete and submit your in-system transfer form.

  2. Provide proof of residency. (Be prepared to provide these documents while submitting the form.)

  3. Share your application number by completing the Acceptance Form. If you don't share your application number with IA, we don't know to process your application. We do not receive an automated message that an application is complete.

Once you have completed those steps, IA will process your application and work with the middle school to change your high school to Innovation Academy.

The process for requesting courses will begin after your student is enrolled.

Step 1: Submit an In-System Transfer Form

We highly recommend completing this process using a PC not your phone!

  • Log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Here's a link -     

  • Be prepared to upload your residency documents while completing this form.

  • Under the menu, choose: ONLINE REGISTRATION. You may have to choose the option for MORE first and then ONLINE REGISTRATION.


  • Choose an Application Type: IN-SYSTEM TRANSFER

  • In the comments box, write in Innovation Academy.

  • Write down your Application number in the top right corner. See screenshot below.

In-system transfer start screen shot.png
  • IMPORTANT - On the STUDENT TAB for your IA student, when you are asked "Are you approved to attend a school outside your attendance zone?", say YES.  A new ATTENDANCE ZONE pleat will open. 

  • Under the ATTENDANCE ZONE pleat:



    • Select Name of School: Innovation Academy

Attendance Zone Screen Shot.png

When you start this process for one student, the system automatically asks you to update the information for all of the children in your account. It is simply asking for an update of information and will not request a transfer for the other students.

At some point during this process, you will see an application number for the form. It might be a confirmation number at the end when you submit the form. Write down your In-System Transfer Application number!

Step 2: Provide Proof of Residency

All 9th and 10th graders have to verify residency. If you were attending your home school, the process might start in the summer but we are taking care of it right now and you will not need to verify residency over the summer unless you move over the summer.

  • Upload your residency verification documents while you are completing the In-System Transfer in Infinite Campus.

    • Upload either a current water bill or a current electric bill.  (Gas, phone, and cable bills are not accepted.)

    • Upload one of the following documents: 

      • Copy of Home Mortgage Bill

      • Copy of Home Sale Contract

      • Section Eight/HUD Housing Document

      • Homeowners/Renter's Insurance Registration Card

      • Current Bank Statement

      • Current Paycheck

      • Current HOA Bill

      • Current Apartment/House Lease

If you are currently living out of our zone, you will be required to provide proof of living in our zone before starting school in the fall.

If you want to download generic step-by-step instructions for completing online registration before you get started, click HERE.

Step 3: Share your application number with IA by completing or updating the Application Acceptance Form. If you do NOT notify us of you application number, we are unable to process your application.

If you cannot add your application number to the acceptance form, please email your application number to

Need help? Questions? Email Brooke Jarabek at

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