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Enrolling at IA for Students Who are not Currently Attending an FCS Public School

Enrolling at IA requires an application and entrance into our lottery. Only students who have received an email offering them a seat at IA can enroll. 


Step 1: Complete the Online Registration Form

Before clicking on any of the links below, please read through the instructions first and then return to click the links. There is information in the instructions about what documents you need to have on hand and HOW TO answer some of the questions on the application itself.

Gather the documents you need. The complete list of documents you need to enroll is on our Fulton County Schools website. Please read through the list and get your documents ready to upload as you complete the online registration


Do you have a student in your household who is currently enrolled in a Fulton County School?

  • If yes, then login to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and add a new student that way. Choose Menu> More> Online Registration> Next Year 2023-24 New Student Registration.
    Information on how to add a new student for current families is also on the Fulton County website -   

  • If no, then go to the new student Online Registration link -  

Academic Records: Please be sure to upload the fall transcript from the child's current school and any current grade reports when the form asks for academic records. The counselors will need this information to create a schedule for your child. Please include discipline records.

Residency Verification: The link for the complete list of documents you can use and will need is under Step 1. If you are not currently living in the district, you will need to verify your residency for living in the Innovation Academy attendance zone before school starts on August 7th.

Social Security Card - Social security numbers are voluntary. However, the lack of a Social Security number will result in the denial of the HOPE scholarship. Students who enroll without a Social Security card (for example, international students, those who sign the waiver, etc.) will be issued a number by the school system, beginning with the numbers 999-.

Application Number: Your registration form will be assigned an application number. Be sure to write down that number.                   

Healthcare Enrollment Forms

Immunization Certificate 3231 - Proof of immunization must be on a Georgia Certificate of Immunization Form 3231. If you have out of state vaccinations, you must bring your out-of-state form to a doctor's office or health center to transfer the vaccinations to the Georgia Database of Immunizations called GRITS.

Waiver of Immunizations for Religious Reasons - This waiver form must be on the Georgia Department of Health Form 2208 (English)  / Health Form 2208 (Español) and be notarized. 

Ear, Eye, Dental, and Nutrition Form 3300 - All students who attend a Georgia Public School must submit an Ear, Eye, Dental, and Nutrition Form 3300. This form can be completed by a doctor's office or health clinic. It may require a dentist to complete the form as well. 

Attendance Zone Instructions: 

  • IMPORTANT - On the STUDENT TAB for your IA student, when you are asked "Are you approved to attend a school outside your attendance zone?", say YES.  A new ATTENDANCE ZONE pleat will open. 

  • Under the ATTENDANCE ZONE pleat:



    • Select Name of School: Innovation Academy

Step 2: Share your application number with IA by completing the acceptance form.  We need your application number to find the application. If you don't complete the form, we won't know you accepted.


Do you want step by step instructions for completing the application? There are instructions in multiple languages.

Need help? Questions? Email Brooke Jarabek at

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