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Personal Fitness Waiver

You can now request a waiver for Personal Fitness. If you are participating in a qualifying activity, you can get graduation credit for Personal Fitness without taking the class.


Be sure to read through all of the instructions and follow directions. Make sure you understand whether you are participating in a non-GHSA sport or in a GHSA sport. Choosing that option correctly is the key to getting your waiver approved.

Qualifying Activities

Completion of one of the following:

• 1 Season of a GHSA sport*

• 1 Season of a Non-GHSA sport**

• 1 Season of Marching Band

• .5 credit of Dance, Cirque or Physical Education electives

• 3 credits of JROTC

*Excludes One-Act Play, Literary Competitions and Esports

**Non-GHSA sports must have a clear start and end date, defined practice schedule, involve physical activity, and include a record of participation. Program sponsors must provide documentation ensuring that a student has completed the above requirements in good standing.


Students must complete the Personal Fitness Waiver Request Form AND receive approval prior to the end of their junior year of high school. There is an exception for our rising seniors. Class of 2024 has until September 30, 2023 to complete this waiver and get credit for personal fitness.

GHSA Sport

A GHSA sport is one you participate in at a Fulton County High School. Please check the FAQ for a list of qualifying sports. Fencing and cricket are not GHSA sports. Esports is not covered by this personal fitness waiver. If you are playing one of the qualifying sports, please choose GHSA as your type of event. Your coach or athletic director will approve your waiver request. 

Non-GHSA Sport

A non-GHSA sport includes physical activities (dance, sports, martial arts, etc) that are not hosted by a Fulton County school. Cricket and fencing are considered non-GHSA sports.  When you complete your waiver form, be sure to indicate you are participating in a non-GHSA sport. If you are participating in a non-GHSA Sport, you must get documentation from your instructor. Before completing your waiver form, notify the person who will be completing the documentation that they will be receiving an email requesting verification of your participation in a non-GHSA sport. Make sure you have their email address ready when you complete the waiver form. Your instructor will be asked to provide documentation with clear start and end (if applicable) dates of participation.  Instructors should also provide practice schedules and evidence of any physical activity required by the sport. There are instructions that you can provide your studio, fitness center, trainer, coach, etc.


Accessing the Personal Fitness Waiver

You can access the Personal Fitness Waiver Request Form once you are logged into your school-provided device or logged into your Fulton County student account.


Questions About Completing the Waiver Forms

Fulton County schools has provided a FAQ for Completing the Personal Fitness Waiver.

If your non-GHSA instructor needs help completing their part of the form, Fulton County has provided instructions.

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